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When you have an injury or illness that sends you to the emergency room, physician, or emergi-care facility, you have a right to be assured that you will receive adequate and correct treatment for your problem. In most cases, your doctor or hospital will help, or at least do no harm. But this is not always the case.

If you have been treated for a physical illness and things have gone wrong, first you should determine if it was the fault of the doctor or hospital. We've all heard of surgeons leaving sponges and instruments in the body after an operation. That's a horrific thing to think about, but it does happen.

Perhaps the physician has carelessly mis-diagnosed your problem or was not interested enough to order tests for a disorder that is untreatable when left too long. Perhaps the doctor prescribes medicines that not only react to each other, but do permanent damage when mixed, and his training and experience should have been enough to prevent this.

Oxygen manipulation or anesthesia problems during surgery can have catastrophic effects on a patient. All these things and more represent the type of lawsuit that is considered by a medical malpractice attorney. Be sure you get your deserved compensation for any medical facility that injures you out of negligence or inept treatment.

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