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Workers Compensation Attorneys- SC

More than 4 million Americans suffer from a work related injury or an occupational illness each year. Some of the most common ailments and injuries are sprains and strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, noise-induced hearing loss, falls, lifting injuries, heavy equipment mishaps and automobile accidents.

Over one quarter of those injuries are serious enough to require ongoing treatment or therapy.

You've been injured at work and now you are dealing with a SC workers compensation injury. You need questions answered. There are bills to pay and you don't know how you are going to pay them. What happens if you can't go back to work? Where will you go for medical treatment? Will your employer's SC workers compensation insurance cover you? Which workers compensation benefits are you entitled to? How do you know when to contact an attorney? Is there a workman's compensation lawyer in SC that can help you?

There are so many questions when dealing with a work injury. There are laws in each state to protect employees who have a work related illness or injury. Here are some guidelines on how to handle an injury that occurs in the workplace.

When should you report an on the job injury?

Your injury needs to be reported to your employer immediately and it's important to request medical treatment right away if it is necessary. If you fail to report your injury within 90 days of the incident, you may forfeit the your South Carolina worker's compensation benefits. (You must report your injury right away, but you have up to two years to file the benefits claim.)

If you are a dependant or the parents of a worker who has died because of work-related injury, you have two years to file the workman's compensation claim for benefits.

Your employer can report your injury for you or you can file the claim yourself. If your employer doesn't agree that it is a work related injury or if you think you are entitled to additional benefits, you can submit a Form 50 or 52 to the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission.

Do I need a SC worker's compensation lawyer?

You are not required to have a SC workers compensation attorney represent you at any informal conferences or hearings with the SC Workers Compensation Commission. However, if you choose to have an attorney present, you will be responsible for those attorney fees.

You may be required to fill out forms to initiate your South Carolina workers compensation benefits claim. There are also laws in place to protect employees that have suffered a work related illness or injury. These laws ensure that you receive proper medical care and benefits while you recover.

A lawyer can help you fill out forms, understand your rights, ensure proper medical treatment and help you navigate through the bureaucratic channels. Proper medical treatment and payment for lost wages are your right under the law.

How to Find a Good Attorney

There are so many attorneys and lawyers listed in the yellow pages and on the internet. Do you need tips on how to find a good lawyer? Our reference pages can help you make the right decision.